What Is CAMEO EZ©?

CAMEO EZ© is an online community of retail stores who use CAMEO EZ© websites to locate inventory for their stores. CAMEO EZ© is a website platform developed by OmegaNet Inc. Tens of thousands of stores have joined since 2003. The family of product vendor sites built on the CAMEO EZ© platform offer their products to registered customers at true wholesale prices.

If you buy for a retail store, as a member of the CAMEO EZ© Community you will get FREE access to hundreds of real wholesale vendors. When you log in here, you can see the entire Directory of vendors, consisting of hundreds of lines in a wide variety of categories.

Members of the community also receive regular email notifications of new products, specials, and product trends.

Members also get the free monthly email newsletter Gift & Home Retailer News.

Another plus that you know about if you're a member of the community is the category specific portals filled with news and vendor information.

Joining the CAMEO EZ community is free. You just need to Register. After you register, you'll be able to see complete information about CAMEO EZ© B2B websites and their product categories.

Click on the links to visit the vendor's websites. As a member of the CAMEO EZ Community, you don't have to register at each site. Just enter your username and password and you'll be prompted to copy your registration to each site.

Think you might already have registered on a CAMEO EZ© site? It is possible that you registered at one of our vendor sites without being aware of the CAMEO EZ Community. Enter your email address here to check. If you're already in the CAMEO EZ system. You'll receive an email with the site(s) where you are registered with that email address and the username(s) you used to register. Then you can just log in here and you'll be prompted to copy your registration to this site.


Membership in CAMEO EZ© is FREE. In the future there may be an opportunity to pay for additional features, such as product trends and other metrics. When you register, be sure to "Opt In" to receive information about these future services.


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